21 März 2017


2 %. Thats the number of people on planet earth, that live vegan. 2% of all earthlings live without participating in animal abuse. But 98% still do. More than 7 Billion humans continue to eat dead bodies of animals, continue drinking cows milk which is meant for baby-cows. 7 Billion humans continue to pay other people to kill, torture. Continue to buy fur and the skin of animals which have only been bred for beeing skinned alive. They continue puting this so called "food" in their bodies, for some seconds of taste, with eyes wide shut to not see the suffering. 98%!!!! Thats fucked up. Once you wake up, and SEE whats going on, that this is so wrong, theres no way of going back. I never wanna go back and I am so happy to be part of those 2%. We are 150 Million and rising.

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