02 Juni 2016

Dear Love

the last two years I learned so much more about life, love and myself. I learned that people lose themselves in relationships and that this fact does not always has to be negative. Losing parts of us means creating new ones. Giving up to create something we have together. But sometimes it doesn’t work out like this and now I know, that we both lost our love because we weren’t ready to give up parts of ourselves. Or maybe because we gave up to many. There are so many things we already have to figure out in life. What to be, what to think of this huge and confusing world with all its speed and diversity. We figure out which people are dearly to us and which do us good. We figure out, what family means for us, for others and that sometimes worlds collide. We figure out, that everything changes so fast and our priorities shift. We realise that we want to end up like our parents or the whole other way around. And in all this mess there is love. And it has to fit in somewhere between. Between decisions and new experiences. Between plans from yesterday and tomorrow. And now I realise, that this task is almost not possible to be completed. So even if we only manage to fit in love for a short time I know now that this is enough! We had this wonderful experience falling in love with our hearts before we physically met again. How wonderful is it to know that our hearts connected even though we were hundred miles apart? This is so rare. And the fact that it ended doesn’t mean it is less precious in any way. 

Love, Aleen

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