01 Juni 2016

Asparagus with a plantbased sauce hollandaise { Spargel mit veganer Sauce Hollandaise }

Asparagus-Season is the best season and yes people, theres a vegan sauce hollandaise and it is super easy and maybe even better than the original ;) 

What you need: Besides some vegan butter (like Alsan Bio for exampe) you need some plantbased milk ( I use soy light from alpro), some plantbased cream (selfmade cahsew cream or the alpro one for example and the main ingredient for the taste will be HEFEFLOCKEN or better known in english as nutritional yeast like in the picture above. 

Heat it al up in a pen, mix and seasoned it as you like it and for the colour you can ad a little curcuma. Now all you have to do is eat a whole bunch os white asparagus, potatoes, some plantbased sesame nuggets and some nice salad.

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