19 Mai 2016

Vegan Lentile Curry { Rotes Linsen Curry }

Lentils are one of the best sources of plantbased protein and since many non-vegans wonder where we do get our protein, I thought I would share my favorite recipe: A red lentil curry with pasta! Here is what you will need: 300 gramm red lentils, 2 onios, fresh garlic as much as you like, spices of your choice, 8 table spoons of tomato paste and 1 Litre of vegetable stock. First steam the onion, the garlic and wipemoff with the vegetable stock. When it starts boiling you add the lentils, tomato paste and spices. I usually wait at least 20 minutes bcause I like the lentils to be soft but you can eat lentils if they are a tiny bit harder, too. Now all you need is too mix it with some pasta or rise and dig in :)

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