22 Mai 2016

Vegan Barbecue Treats { Veganer Grillteller }

 Summer equals barbecue-season! Especially in Germany. We love to "grill"! The smell of fireplaces, drinking some mighty fine beer and enjoing just beeing outside with friends. Some people now think that you cant have a decent barbecue without meat on the grill but of course you can!  Besides corn, rosted veggies and potatoes I love to use vegan nuggets like these tofu ones which are covered in a nice crust. There are so many brands already here in Germany (and more in other countries) which produce barbecue treats and there is nothing I miss about non-vegan food. For my garlic bread (Kräuter/Knoblauch Baquette) I simply use a plain baquette, spread over some selfmade garlic-butter and let it all melt in the oven. And for a nice tzatziki I use unsweetend plantbased greek-yoghurt (quark) and fresh cucumber, garlic and spices. Love!

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