25 April 2016

vegan soy chunks from veganz {vegane soja medaillons}

I found these vegan soy chunks in a grocery store here in münster (germany) were they also sell products from the brand veganz which I realle like. These chunks were really cheap like around 2 € and it is a pretty big package. How to make them: First boil the chunks in water and vegetable stock for around 10 minutes. After 10 minutes drain them and season the chunks with red pepper, salt or any spices you like. Then start frying them in a suitable pan until crispy.

The result was very close to a chicken-like appearance, taste and texture. I fried them very crispy and dipped them in ketchup afterwards. Perfect with salad or fries. But I have to say, for me personally, I dont like to eat food that tastes or feels like eating animal meat and therefore it wont be my favorite product. However im sure a lot of people will like them and they are a perfect alternative for people who have trouble in transitioning to being vegetarian / vegan. They are pretty cheap for the amount you get out of the package and all plant based.

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