15 März 2016

The idea of Noah

Noah saw the evil in this world. He kept his little world away to this evil. Protected his family. He honored every creature on the piece of land, which was still green. But they came closer. For evil never stops. Its never satisfied. People were different from animals. They saw themselves as superior. But they did not understand their place on this planet. So they took more and more. They stepped onto the green and snatched the flowers, killed each other, killing the animals. Until none of them was left. They ran from the evil eyes of the people. they did not understand this kind of animal. It was different, it never had enough. Noah saw this.Growing up, we will sometimes tell the story of Noah. And only now I understand how incredibly beautiful the notion is, that this could be real. That something higher saw the evil, saw that we were not good for the planet. We took life, instead of honoring life. Animals lived on this planet long before us, and they lived in perfect harmony with all kinds, all the tides of nature. Died one species, earth itself was the one who decided. Not us. Animals did not hunt other animals to eradicate or torture them. We people are chasing each others and animals only for our maximum advantage. Take every suffering into account. We have forgotten what a miracle this planet is. Perhaps we never knew it. No one of us. Is this our nature? Have we crossed a level of intelligence where we can not help but to strive for power? Since people lived, they lived in war. Is it not officially titled War, it's war with individuals. Grudge. Envy. Bad thoughts. I see the good. But I guess its too weak to overcome the evil.Noah. Naoh represents all the best. Love. Kindness. Modesty. If we would get another chance today same as Noah got, a last try, maybe we would wake up in a tomorrow where only the good souls would be. And perhaps this means a morning without people.

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